"The Cara" Salad -- One-Meal-a-Day

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A big salad by Sea kitchen activist since 1975--and re-inspired and enhanced by Cara Brotman "What I Eat in a Day" video superfood ingredients (see below) layered and ready for you to stir and eat! (This retains freshness of veggies. Please allow up to five minutes of prep time to stir and fold in your salad dressing before eating.) Seasonal fresh organic meal-for-the-day with hearty, tangy, spicy addictive earthy flavor always nonGMO, always of the highest vibration and nutrient density! Raw vegan and living fermented probiotic rich ingredients. Sprouted beans and wild rice varieties, shredded vegetables, minced fresh herbs, garlic and onions; rotating throughout the week for your nutritional maximization. Wild greens and superfoods with probiotic chlorella miso shown to assist the body to gently remove heavy metal exposures or radiation. This recipe was used in Chernobyl and other nuclear fallout accidents to protect the thyroid from damage. Energy comes from green minerals and the hydration from fresh water in the plant wisdom. Dulse, kelp, nutritional yeast, garbanzo miso, apple cider vinegar, cayenne and more are delicious and of utmost nutrition, while cleansing the body and restoring lost plant codes in the mental and emotional body. These are not intended to be medical claims and the FDA has not verified this information. Use at your own risk. Must pickup or arrange a local delivery by 6pm the night before for porch pickup in Bonny Slope. Portland, OR USA. Not available for shipping at this time. Cara Brotman Markus Rothkranz made a video of Cara's salad and as a result I've added several things to my own similar salad but Cara has some amazing unique additions. Must see the video! PS-

I’m not sure anyone has ever seen such a nutrition-packed salad which also has therapeutic benefits yet is tangy, earthy, savory and mouth-watering to the last bite!

Rotating sprouts, wild greens might include wild rice, sprouted garbanzo, mung, lentil and adzuki, sunflower, buckwheat, dandelion, fennel, grass, mint with shredded carrot, beet, purple cabbage, and over 30 ingredients rotated but often included. The chlorella-kelp fermented miso is the exact recipe which was used in Chernobyl and Japan during radiation disaster exposure to avoid or lessen thyroid disease and radiation sickness. We use this to feed and nourish the thyroid as well as build friendly gut flora and it tastes so good. Nutritional yeast for B vitamins and a vegan cheesy taste. Alternating sesame tahini, almond butter, cashew butter with Udo’s oil, olive oil and botija olives. This salad will supply a full array of nutrition and often an unsulphured prune is on the side. An individual ingredient list each day can be included with your order! Some variation will occur due to availability and freshness of some ingredients but we always do our best to complete the full lineup of ingredients or super awesome substitutions of equal value and taste.

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